Offices and Services

Welcome to our offices and services directory. We hope you find the following information helpful.



Academic Advising and Transfer Transition
Provides support to faculty advisors and resources for students and recent alumni as they make academic plans.

Academic Affairs
Encompasses the Vice President’s Office, Dean of Faculty, Dean of Education, Dean of Undergraduate Studies, International Programs, Grants & Sponsored Research, academic information and services.

Academic Information Services (AIS)
AIS fills the academic technology and information needs of ݮƵ. AIS includes Academic Technology Services, Ely Library, and the Center for Instructional Technology.

Academic Records
Provides students with information on services, records management, and academic support to students and the campus community.

Administration and Finance
Encompasses the Office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance, Assistant Vice President of Finance, Purchasing, Student Accounts, Bookstore, Dining Services

Admissions Office
Information and services for prospective students.

Provides programs, services, and events for alumni.

Arno Maris Gallery
An Art Gallery displaying a variety of regional and national visual art, including one student show each year.

Assessment and Accreditation, Office of
The office of Assessment and Accreditationcollaborates with all campus offices and constituencies to assist the institution in data-informed decision making.

Varsity sports, athletic facilities, intramurals, and more.


Banacos Academic Center
Home of the ݮƵ Learning Disabilities Program, Disability Services and our Tutoring Program.

Books, snacks, cards, logo gear, and more.

The office is responsible for billing, collection, refunding and accounting of students’ tuition and loan accounts.



Campus Card Program
Serves as the student's official University identification card, meal card, and "Owl Bucks".

Campus Center
Encompasses Campus Activities Board, Campus Service Window, National Student Exchange

Course Achievement, Retention, and Engagement (CARE)
Committed to identifying at-risk populations and help them to connect to support services.

Work study, internships, cooperative education, resume and interview preparation, and more. Services students, alumni, employers and faculty.

The Center for Instructional Technology was established and it’s mission is to promote and develop online courses and programs, and to provide course websites for face to face courses. CIT is also responsible for the Online Learning (PLATO: People Learning and Teaching Online) at ݮƵ State.

Center for Student Success and Engagement
Provides students with the tools to explore academic opportunities and plan strategies for continued growth.

Center for Teacher and Education Research
Works to further developthe connections between ݮƵ and its K-14 partners.

College For Kids
An award-winning educational program that runs for four weeks every summer. It is open to students from ages 5-16.

All University Committee, CURCW Committee,Curriculum Committee, IRB & IACUC Committee, Long Range Planning Committee, Sustainability Committee, Writing Liaison Committee (WLC)

Common Goods
Common Goods is a food pantry serving ݮƵ students, faculty and staff who may be experiencing hunger and are struggling to make ends meet.

Commuter Services
This office provides support resources and advocacy for commuter students.

Community Service Clearinghouse
The ݮƵ Community Service Clearinghouse provides students, faculty/staff and community partners with a centralized resource for posting and receiving information, resources and referrals for community service and service-learning opportunities.

Continuing Education
Works to help students obtain their personal and professional goals through the help of faculty members and challenging classroom experiences.

Copy Center
Provides copying and reproduction services for the University.

Counseling Center
Provides counseling and preventive services for ݮƵ students.

CURCA (Center for Undergraduate Research & Creative Activity)
Promotes and provides strategic cross-disciplinary support for all students, faculty, and staff to engage in creative scholarship.



Dining Services
ݮƵ State Dining Services contributes to the campus life experience by providing a variety of healthy, and flavorful meals featuring local, regional and world cuisine in a sustainable and environmentally conscious manner.

Disability Services
Provides program access and appropriate support services to individuals with disabilities.



Enrollment Management and Student Affairs
Meets the challenges and opportunities of recruiting and retaining a student body for ݮƵ State that characterizes quality, retention and outcomes, and achieving the goals set by the institution. Oversees Admissions, Career Center, Counseling Center, Financial Aid, Health Services, Residential Life, Student Activities, Student Affairs, and University Police.

Environmental Services
Provides information for health and safety in the college environment

Event Management
Event Management’s main focus is producing large scale University events for the president and Institutional Advancement.



Facilities and Operations
The operation, maintenance, repair, and construction/renovation of campus facilities.

Faculty Center
Promotes discussion of and reflection on our faculty's ideas and concerns about teaching, learning, scholarship, and the profession.

Financial Aid
Coordinates student applications for financial assistance, including scholarships, loans, and student employment.

Fitness Centers
Provides students and faculty with an on-campus area to exercise. Offers numerous fitness classes to all.



Grants and Sponsored Programs
Provides resources to assist in procuring grant funds to support research, programs, projects, and initiatives to achieve the University's mission.

Graduate and Continuing Education
Works to help students obtain their personal and professional goals through the help of faculty members and challenging classroom experiences.

Graduate Education
Works to help students obtain their personal and professional goals through the help of faculty members and challenging classroom experiences.



Health Services
The Department's mission is to provide or arrange for quality health care for students and health and safety services for the institution.

Help Desk
Provides information technology support for the college campus.

Honors Program
The purpose of the Honors Program is to promote intellectual growth on campus and enrich student-faculty interactions. (Mod Hall)

Human Resources, Title IX & Equal Opportunity
Employment opportunities, training, and benefits at ݮƵ State.



Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment (ICE) Partnership Program
ICE is a state-funded grant program that provides dual enrollment opportunities to high school students, age 18-21, that have intellectual and developmental disabilities in an inclusive college experience. Students of the ICE program build their independence and enhance their quality of life through this college experience.

Information Technology Services (ITS)
Computer use and network services on campus.

Provides communication about the university with its advocates, the media, and the public.

Institutional Research and Assessment
The Office of Institutional Research and Assessmentcollects, compilesand integratesdata from multiple sources to inform institutional planning and demonstrate that theUniversity is fulfilling its mission. It also serves as the primary contact for outside surveys and inquiries about the University's demographics.

Interfaith Center, The Albert and Amelia Ferst
Open to all faith groups, the Albert and Amelia Ferst Interfaith Center at ݮƵ serves as the hub of all kinds of religious activities for students and the entire college community.

International Programs, Office of
All phases of the student study abroad programsare managed and supported by this office.

International Students, Office & Information for



Division of Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion (J.E.D.I.)

The Division of Justice, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion (JEDI) sustains and carries out ݮƵ’s commitment to diversity by supporting student programs, faculty initiatives, and curricular innovations that cultivate a vibrant and multifaceted inclusive community.



Learning Disabilities Program
Offers a supportive academic setting where students with learning differences, that are learning disability or ADHD based, can flourish.

Open seven days a week, and offers a wide variety of resource materials ready to be used to assist all students.



Mail Services

The mission of the Marketing Department is to identify and execute the best strategies for communicating ݮƵ State’s identity and messages to key audiences and to advance the university's mission and strategic goals.

Media Services
Classroom Technology, Media Technology, Campus Events & Performances and Video Production &TV Operations.



New Student Orientation
The New Student Orientation program is designed to welcome you to ݮƵ, ensure that you get all of your questions answered, and get a feel for campus before classes begin in the fall.

Offers a wide variety of personal enrichment, art, business, computer, and health and wellness classes taught by regional.



Orientation, New Student
The New Student Orientation program is designed to welcome you to ݮƵ, ensure that you get all of your questions answered, and get a feel for campus before classes begin in the fall.


Parking Clerk, Office of

Payroll Office
Central office for all campus payroll activity related to time reporting, pay, and new hire/rehire processing into HRCMS for all employees.

Presidents Office

Public Affairs
Public Affairs is the key point of contact between the University and the news media

Public Record Requests

Procurement Office
The office is responsible for all financial accounting and budgetary procedures and policies.



WSKB is a radio station based out of ݮƵ of ݮƵ, MA on 89.5 FM.

Reading and Writing Center
The Reading and Writing Center helps students, staff, and faculty at ݮƵ further develop their understanding ofreading, writing, and critical thinking.

Registrar Office
Course registration, credit transfer, athletic eligibility, transcripts, and other university records.

Residential Life
Student housing applications and services.

Risk Management
ݮƵ State is committed to providing an ethical control environment, accountable to students, faculty and staff through financial integrity and sound internal controls.



SERV, State Employees Responding as Volunteers

Student Activities
Student Activities office is responsible for all social events on the campus.

Student Affairs
The Division of Student Affairs promotes and fosters the academic, social, and personal development of the students.

Student Accounts
Helps students and their families meet financial obligations.

Student Government Association
Represents the interests of all ݮƵ State students in all aspects of college life.

Allows students the opportunity to have their opinions heard in a weekly, university published periodical.

Student Support Services (TRIO)
Offers program participants free, comprehensive academic and counseling support designed to assist with persistence to graduation and preparation for graduate or professional school.



Technology Support Desk
Provides information technology support for the college campus.

Title IX

Comprised of the men and women whose job it is to keep ݮƵ State looking beautiful, and running smoothly. Jobs include: mechanics, carpenters, maintainers, etc.

Tutoring and Learning Center (TLC)
ݮƵ offers a robust peer-tutoring program that is available for all undergraduate students during the Fall and Spring semesters.

T.V. Studio
An on-campus TV Studio where shows such as “Schools Match Wits” are produced by the ݮƵ State Communications department.



University Police

University Police enforce Massachusetts General Laws and University policy. The Department is also responsible for security and emergency response at the University.

Urban Education Program

Works to recruit students from diverse educational, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds for ݮƵ State.



Veteran and Military Services
Supports the needs and promotes the success of U.S. veteran students.